So many moms stress out and feel overwhelmed when they want to get healthy and lose weight.

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that helps moms lose weight for the last time in a simple way while prioritizing mindset and your overall wellbeing without cutting out any foods.

This program helps you lose weight for the last time and what that means to you is you learn how to enjoy your favorite foods while still losing weight so you can create mental space and energy on the things you want to be focusing on.

Hi mama, I’m Ayat Sleymann, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I may have helped you modify your breakfast recently, or given you advice on prioritizing your health amid the chaos of being a mom. You might have found me on TikTok or Instagram (@momnutritionist), where I film my videos in my living room, or maybe you found me because you just Googled “weight loss for moms.” Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

I founded my signature program in 2019 after nine years of studying nutrition and dietetics and achieving three degrees in the field. I always knew I wanted to start my own business someday, and I jumped on the opportunity when the right moment presented itself. I opened my virtual business right after graduating with my master's degree and giving birth to my second child, Alice.

It was in middle school that I found my passion for health and nutrition, but it was after becoming a mom myself that I knew I needed to take my expertise and help other moms. 

With all my education and experience, I was having a very hard time losing weight and keeping it off after becoming a mom. My energy and confidence were at an all time low after giving birth to my 2 beautiful children because I was simply exhausted and fell out of touch with myself.

After a few years of living in a daze, I decided to create a plan to balance motherhood while finding the time and energy to take care of my body and lose the weight that had creeped on from years of stress and overwhelm.

I took everything I knew about the body and food and created my signature nourished weight loss formula. After perfecting the formula, I realized there were other areas in a mom’s life that need to be addressed and that weight loss alone won't help fill the void I was feeling.

It is not just about food and weight loss. My drive to be the healthiest version of myself is much deeper than just looking good. It is also about finding the confidence, energy and balance to live a full and meaningful life. I believe you can be an amazing mom, wife, and professional while also being the healthiest version of yourself. You don't have to choose.


In the past three years I’ve been recognized as one of the top dietitians to follow on social media, been featured in multiple articles, and contributed to different brands like EatingWell, Poosh and PopSugar. As a passionate dietitian, one of my proudest accomplishments is being featured on Good Morning America, a show that I always watched with my mom growing up.

My favorite part of being a small business owner is meeting other moms; I’m a big believer that moms run the world and I love serving and helping other moms be happy in their body and mind while having extra time, energy, peace and joy to do the things they love to do.




  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
  • Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Master of Science in Clinical Dietetics, Grand Valley State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Western Michigan University
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Lebanese International University