How to Stay Consistent With Your Weight Loss Goals

Posted: July 27, 2021

Staying consistent with your eating habits is the hardest part of maintaining weight loss results for the long term.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about three things that can help you stick to your weight loss goals.

When you first start out on your healthy eating journey, you are extremely motivated and you promise yourself that this is it. This time you will stay motivated and consistent and you won’t give up.

After a few weeks, that motivation dies off and you are left feeling bored, tired, and unmotivated.

I am going to share with you two things that have helped keep me consistent with my healthy eating for years now and has kept the weight off.


Friday Planning.

I used to try to plan for my upcoming week on Sundays but Sunday would roll around and I would make some excuse to not do it.

Sundays are my days to kick back and relax.

Once I realized that Sundays just do not work for me or my schedule, I decided to change it up.

Every Friday before I dive into the weekend, I sit down for 20 minutes and plan the upcoming week’s meals. I don’t always prepare the meals ahead of time, but I will ALWAYS pull out a piece of paper and pen and plan.

Just knowing what I am making for lunches and dinners throughout the week relieves me of so much stress and last-minute decision making.

So if you have a hard time planning your week’s meals, then take a look at the day you are trying to get it done.

Sometimes the days you have set to meal prep and meal plan just do not work with your current schedule.

You can plan at any time in the week that best fits your busy life.

Weight loss dietitian planning her week in advance

Motivation and Weight Loss.

Waiting on motivation to lose weight and stick with your healthy eating habits can quickly turn into excuses.

I talk about this all the time on my Instagram stories.

It’s not that you don’t have the time or resources to stick to your weight loss goals. How do I know that? Because when you were motivated, you had those things.


Waiting on the idea that motivation is needed to get things done is just an excuse.

Making excuses and waiting to feel motivated is easier than doing the work. But when you’re not doing the work guess what happens?

Nothing happens. You stay where you are.

So what you need instead is discipline. No one is coming to do it for you.

How to become disciplined?

First things first.


Know your obstacles when it comes to weight loss.

By knowing what is holding you back from sticking to your goals, you can navigate those.

For example, let’s say you know that your infant wakes up during the night and you plan on working out at 5 AM.

You already know that this is something that you have tried before and it doesn’t work with your current schedule.

So it doesn’t make sense to keep planning your workouts at 5AM. This ends up making you feel guilty when the issue was that you just didn’t plan it right.

Instead, schedule it at a different time. Find a time where you are feeling more energized and one that makes more sense in your day.

You have removed the obstacle and made it easier for you to commit to the workout.