The Fiber Mom Method – Application

    Low CalorieCutting Out CarbsPersonal TrainerNutritionistDietitianShakes/Pills/Powders/BarsOther (Describe Below)
    I am WILLING and ABLE to invest time & resources into improving my health and making a lasting change in my lifeI am curious about improving my health but not sure if now is the right time or not
    Totally fine!Nervous, but I’m curious to hear more detailsAbsolutely couldn’t make that happen
    I handle my own moneyYes, my partner/spouse is involved
    InstagramFacebookGoogle or Internet SearchPodcast InterviewFriend or Family MemberOther (List Source Below)


    *I do not work with those who have previously had, or who currently have an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, and/or orthorexia.